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The Joplin Memorial Run is a project of Active Life Style Events, Inc.
P.O. Box 3102 Joplin, MO 64803
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Spectators make the Joplin Memorial Run exciting for runners. Without you, the atmosphere would be completely different.

"One of the best motivators late in a race is seeing someone cheering you on. It gives you that little push you need when you are exhausted mentally and physically," Half Marathon Run participant.

Best points to intercept runners
  1. McClelland Park around the 4 mile mark - There is plenty of room for spectators and you will be supporting our runners after they have completed their first significant hill.
  2. The back-side of McClelland Park has two fairly steep hills. You can be the cheerleader our runners need when they get to the top!
  3. Along Crow Road between mile 5 and 6. This area is the beginning of a grueling hill section. Give those runners a Yippee-ki-yay as they begin their uphill journey!
  4. If you like to see grimmacing faces, just hang out along Schifferdecker Ave. from 32nd Street all the way to the 8 mile point on 26th near Iron Gates Road. Ugh, I grimmace just thinking about it!
  5. The Junge Stadium parking lot on Junge Blvd. is a great wide spot for spectators. You should see faces full of concern wondering when that incline is ever going to end. Cheer them on and let them know they are almost to the flat part!
  6. The last three miles, either a wonderful experience or the point of mental and physical exhaustion. You'll see both along this stretch, but you can remind everyone they are almost finished and to kick in the afterburners.
Please be cautious of our runners and the course race day.

Click here to view an aerial map of the Joplin Memorial Run staging area for parking information and event locations.